What’s Your Opinion Worth?

I’ve had two experiences recently where I was offered an incentive to provide feedback about my experience. At the end of my PetCo receipt was an offer for $2 off my next purchase if I would complete their online survey. LaSalsa, a Mexican fast-food eatery, was offering a free a la carte entre if I called their toll-free number to complete a touch-tone phone survey. Companies are starting to get creative as they realize consumers are over-whelmed with requests for their feedback. I found the PetCo survey simple and well constructed. The LaSalsa survey was 10 questions long and my only critque is that they used different response scales for their questions. With phone surveys you need to keep things consistent and easily understood – if your user is not an auditory person they will get easily frustrated. What other incentives are you seeing out their in return for your feedback? OK – off to lunch at LaSalsa and then on to PetCo where I’ll be getting my dog a new toy.


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  1. […] side note about their survey.  I recently wrote about feedback incentives.  The Jack In The Box incentive was to be entered into a sweepstakes where I could win $10,000.  […]

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