Do you write like a woman?

male__female.gifIn a post from Marketing ROI, Ron found a website (the Gender Genie) that analyzes your writing to predict if you are male or female.  Of course, I had to see what it said about my writing.  I’m happy to report that my posts registered 75% male/25% female.  I quickly wondered if I should be happy with that rating.  If I change my writing style to get closer to 50/50, would my writing appeal to a wider audience?

While I constantly strive to improve my writing, I still want to write to be true to who I am.  How does this relate to customers?  To be successful a business needs to know who they are, what their core strength is, how they are different than their competition, and what customers they can best serve.  Once a business has a firm grasp of this they need to stick to it, be consistent, be predictable, and be excellent.  A business needs to be focused, and understand they can’t be all things to all people.  Pick a niche to get rich.  The shotgun approach to aquiring customers wastes too many resources and too much time and energy.  Knowing who you are and what you do best is a key to growing customers. 

BTW – the Gender Genie thinks the author of this post is male 🙂


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