What Drives Online Loyalty?

According to a recent DoubleClick Performics, study 48% of online shoppers describe their loyalty to merchants across channels (store, web, catalog) as somewhat loyal to certain merchants based on a combination of good value, superior service and the right mix of product.  Rewards customers (those belonging to 2+ programs) are less apt to be focused on price, utilizing more features and tools to enhance their multi-channel shopping experiences. Poor service is ranked – by 41% – as most likely to deter shoppers from becoming loyal to a website. 

I have often seen that consumers are driven by a combination of the following four attributes when making a purchase decsion; 1. price; 2. quality; 3. service/convenience; and 4. brand/relationship.  The amount that each contributes to the decision depends upon the value of the purchase.  With all things being equal, most of us typically value one of these attributes more than the others. But how often are things truly equal? This study demonstrates once again, that it’s the overall “experience” that drives repeat customer behavior, not just price or product selection.